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We’re a fantastic partner if you’re selling conservatories, orangeries, sun-rooms or porches. We can convert your drawings to full detailed plans, using our CAD system and we’ve got plenty of expertise in more complex or unusual designs.

Fabframes Defendoor

We offer a choice of two different roof systems from Ultraframe and Global so, whatever structure you’re planning to install, we’ll be ready with the right solution. Our windows and doors can be combined into any shape, and because they are more than up to the job, you’ll have no worries that you’ll be caught up on snagging issues post installation.

  • Lean-to, P-shaped, Victorian or Edwardian style conservatories
  • Bespoke conservatory designs
  • Choice of roof glazing systems
  • Full structural plans with appropriate couplings and posts
  • Choice of accessories

The Benefits of Optima

Optima is an easy-to-install, fully-integrated, 70mm-depth system designed for the production of casement, Tilt and Turn, and French casement windows; residential and French doors. The slim, chamfered shape is clean, attractive and suitable for a wide range of projects.

  • More thermal chambers:
    6 in the outerframe (8 with RCM Thermal Inserts) and 5 in the sash (6 with RCM Thermal Inserts) delivering optimal thermal performance and structural rigidity.
  • More choice:
    a broader range of range cills, baypoles, accessories and packers allowing you the flexibility you need.
  • More glazing options:
    the widest choice of glazing options on the market giving you the ability to build cost-effective, energy-efficient windows.
  • More seals:
    optional centre seals to the outerframe and sash for improved insulation and weather protection.

Optima is designed for the production of casement, Tilt and Turn, French casements and residential and French doors. It is a fully-integrated, 70mm-depth system, easy to install and suitable for a wide range of projects where a sculptured profile is required.

  • Better insulated:
    with more chambers, Optima offers excellent thermal performance. The 6- chambered outerframe and 5-chambered sash can also be used with RCM Thermal Inserts to increase the number of insulating chambers.
  • Better ancillaries:
    an extensive range of cills, baypoles, accessories and packers which allow everything you need to complete a project.
  • Better choice:
    with the widest choice of glazing options on the market, you have more ways to offer affordable and energy efficient windows.
  • Better protection:
    Revolutionary, optional centre seals to the outerframe and sash give outstanding insulation and weather protection.

Traditional style

We’re not interested in getting rid of traditional style. We’re only interested in improving what’s already there. Optima Flush Casements match the proportions of the originals. We have all the trims and traditional-styled hardware you need. A dummy sash provides a balanced look for frames with fixed lights and our foiled options include period colours.

Updated performance

In all this talk about appearance, we’ve not forgotten the other things that matter – things like security and energy efficiency. With 24mm double glazing, an A-rated window and an impressive U-value of 1.2W/m2K are easily achievable. We’ve made sure that Optima Flush Casements are easy to fabricate too, taking care of design details like adding support webs to counter weld sink. And with standard Optima outerframes and packers, these flush casements are simple to install – an important consideration when dealing with the variations in older properties.

  • Deep bottom rails
    If the original timber frames had a deep bottom rail, we believe our version should look just the same. That’s why the Optima Flush Casement system includes a deep sash profile specially designed for the job.
  • The blacksmith’s art
    Our tribute to the hand-forged hardware of a bygone era is seen in our choice of monkey-tail handles and dummy peg stays. Nothing else would look the part.
  • Flexibility and practicality
    We don’t expect you to hold masses of stock to offer our flush casements. This system fits a Profile 22 standard Optima frame and transom and works with Optima ancillaries. The frames are designed for a simple, chamfered finish outside but, with a choice of Chamfered and Sculptured frame styles and astragal bars, you can have the interior look that best suits your customer’s home.
  • Mechanically jointed sashes and outerframes
    Every detail matters. Our sashes, deep bottom rails and outer frames have been designed so that you can offer a mechanically jointed version that accurately recreates the carpenter’s finish. No mitred welds, just a neat, tidy appearance that looks just like a timber frame.