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Casement Windows

No window system supplier would ever underestimate the importance of casement windows to the UK housing and property market.

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Optima is strong and almost any size or layout of casement is possible. There are components for bays, bow windows and conservatories, and a range of ancillaries for the important finishing details.

Optima casements are at home anywhere, in modern or period properties, in the town or in the country. The system is adaptable, stylish and high-performing and offers everything that your customers want. What’s more, it has been designed by people who understand fabrication and installation. It’s a great system to work with.

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Perfectly balanced casements

With casement windows, balance is everything. Too much frame and that’s all a homeowner sees. Too little frame and there’s no strength. Optima has been engineered to provide the slim, aesthetically-pleasing look that customers want, but it’s strong enough to be made into almost any configuration. The central Eurogroove that adds to the window’s security also gives it structural rigidity. The extra overlap on the frame protects from the weather and increases the glass to frame ratio. And that’s not all – we’ve located our wall thickening in just the right places to make hardware positioning easy and improve screw retention. A 70mm depth outerframe means easier installation and less making good for the vast majority of projects and a great selection of purpose made ancillaries, mean that the basic frame can be customised to suit the job.

  • Optional Outer Frame Centre Seal
  • Optional Sash Central Seal
  • Sculptured Edge Design
  • Double Chamfered Edge Design
  • Glazing Options up to 44mm Triple Glazed
  • 5 Chamber Sash
  • 6 Chamber Outer Frame
  • Optional RCM Thermal Inserts create up to 6 chamber sash and 8 chamber outer frame
  • 10mm Cover on Weather Seals